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Beech & Rowan is an independent partnership providing customers with unique beaded wirework jewellery.

Disclaimer: we're both fans of etymology, dead languages, and happen to be complete geeks. Please forgive us our naming tendencies!
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We’re putting the majority of our oldest items up on clearance, in a new section linked above.  This is the last renewal for all of those, so if you want them, now is the time to grab them!

Stormborn: Sparkling Mali Blue Swarovski crystal briolettes hang suspended in forged silver frames carefully wrapped in fine wire.

Earrings measure 1 15/16”  from tops of sterling silver earwires, 3/4” in width.

After about a year of working on this, we finally have a live website!!  The goal is eventually to have the merchandise displayed there, with links to Etsy (which for your sake means guaranteed safer payments), but for now at least you can get a better picture of who we are and what we do.

It’s fit for public viewing—we’ve proofread it, though as luck would have it I’m sure we’ve missed something this soon after designing it—though it will probably always be in some form of development.  Comments or questions or notes on things that really don’t work are definitely welcome.

Wine-Dark Sea (The Serendipity Remix): Bracelet

Neat rows of elegant dove grey freshwater pearls lie between bridges of galvanised burgundy and hematite seed beads, closed with a three-strand silver sliding clasp.

Total length is 7 3/4”; the inner circumference is approximately 7 3/8”.

These unexpectedly provided a perfect complement to wire-wrapped earrings in the same colour scheme, which are shown in the last photograph and can be found here.  If you’re interested in them as a set, check the Etsy listing for more information.

Wine-Dark Sea (The Serendipity Remix): Earrings

With the benefit of a years’ experience, the original earrings have been remade.  A steady spiral of square silver wire winds across violet glass beads with inclusions of white and lavender, framed by two Swarovski crystals coloured in turquoise on one side, burgundy on the other.

Earrings measure 1 9/16” from tops of sterling silver earwires.

These unexpectedly provided a perfect complement to a stitched bracelet in the same colour scheme, which can be found here.  If you’re interested in them as a set, check the Etsy listing for more information.

2 of 2 gifts for the same transferring colleague.  Forged silver wire frames bound in clean, wrapped lines suggest delicate butterfly wings, accented by silver beads of graduated size and a single round of rich, burgundy tourmaline.

1 of 2 gifts for a transferring colleague.  Swarovski crystal briolettes in aquamarine dangle beneath purple velvet crystal bicones, suspended in coils of silver wire.

with avengeance

Yes, I should be fired for that pun and lose my English degree, I know.

In any event, after a long, unexpected, and very much unplanned hiatus, Beech & Rowan is back, and we have some fantastic projects waiting for you!

Though Jack and I remain business partners in this creative venture, and non-business partners in the other, written creative venture, we are no longer roommates, a fact which at least partly contributed to the long radio silence.  I graduated uni, got promoted a couple of times in my day job, and almost drowned studying for the LSATs, all of which meant scheduling studio time was nigh-impossible.  Then I had surgery—which only succeeded in breaking me further—and Jack has been in and out of doctor’s offices hirself.  Now I’m working full-time and applying to grad school, but strangely I’ve had more time to craft.

We’ve narrowed our focus a bit, channelling our energy exclusively into wirework (both of us) and beadweaving (both of us, but primarily me).  I’ve also been obtaining new inventory for some very specific projects, and now that most of it’s arrived I can actually begin working on those projects—some are modified patterns from other designers, and some are original or freeform.  I’m also acquiring a larger stock of precious and semi-precious gems with which to work, and I’m excited to show you what comes of it.

There’s a lot of inventory coming your way in the next several days.  Most of the items that have been posted in the past two are the newest items.  Those are the most accurate representations of the kind of work we’re doing now, but we also have pieces that have been slowly accruing since January of this year.

Hopefully that website we promised will be unveiled shortly, and custom orders and requests are always welcome—we’d be happy to take suggestions, walk you through our supplies, and make you something a work of art all its own.

We truly appreciate those of you who have stuck with us over our absence and warmly welcome anyone who has or will arrived.  We look forward to your comments and hope you’re as excited by the work we’re doing as we are.

Laurelin: Tiny copper-frame leaves dangle from a copper link that holds a sparkling chip of grass-green crackle glass.

Earrings measure 1 15/16” from tops of earwires.

Wine & Chocolate: Copper wire knots around itself, edges bordering the sides of the finger.  Rich, deep violet wire wraps smoothly around the frame in even sections, providing a rich interplay of colour.

This ring is approximately a US size 6.5 and can be relatively closely duplicated in a size and colour of your choosing—drop us an email or convo us and let us know your specifications; we’ll get back to you with a timeframe and a price estimate.